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Portal Glastonbury



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Ref.WD0391 - Ecologically sourced deer horn wand with silver setting, sono wood carved jaguar, and turquoise gemstones. 

There are many beliefs about the deer and its power for those who use its medicine – so I will focus on those aspects that draw me to use it of-ten in my wands.

Deer’s medicine, Gentleness, Unconditional Love, And Connection to the heart of creation. Deer also shows us balance, especially between the sacrifice we make for the greater good and the honouring of our own sovereignty. Deer is one with the forest but also separate simultaneously. The antler is like an antenna that receives cosmic information. Deer’s scenes are very fine-tuned. Empathic but whole in self.

Jaguar medicine will help you to reclaim your power, to maintain your integrity and impeccability, to move beyond fear of the unknown, as well as to acknowledge your shadow aspects. It symbolizes great power and courage thus expect it to develop your potential and capacity for sacrifice.

Size: 243mm/9.57in

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