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Portal Glastonbury



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Ref.WD0314 - Victorian antelope antler with laser quartz crystal

** To the potential Guardian:


The crystal used on this Talisman was bought by me for myself.
The damage [2 chips] was there when I bought it – I didn’t think it would be salable because of that, but was drawn to have it – I felt its strong healing energy in spite or maybe because it also needed healing.

The Horn, is an African Antelope – I bought this at a flea market – although I am Vegan and have been a vegetarian for over 50 years, I feel that even an animal that was killed for its meat should be honored – this horn is older than myself and the animal that it was taken from has gifted us with its medicine and likewise we by honoring it are giving back to that species our gratitude and recognition and with the intent that humans wake up to their feelings and right to life.

So, if you feel drawn to this piece, I hope you will keep this letter and pass it on with the wand when that time comes.

Thank you
Jiva **

Size: 470mm/18.5in

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