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Portal Glastonbury



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Ref.WD0080 - Wand with silver Iconic Aqua Solar Sphere geometry, sapphire, ruby, selenite, and ecologically sourced deer horn carved dragon.

EARTH GUARDIAN ... the dragon represents the energy lines that embrace the earth ... created to be used by one who feels the call to work with those lines ... used in concert with the earth resonance ball and ceremony this is a powerful tool. Not recommended for the weak hearted … any time that we put a great focus on bringing light there will be resistance. Gather first your deepest self-soul reference ... you are a conscious conduit of life eternal. Your essence can never be harmed. It cannot be burned or cut nor dissolved or bruised, it knows not disease nor bondage. It is your truest place of freedom

The Iconic Aqua Solar Sphere, aka Truncated Icosadodecahedron, is one of the 13 Archimedean forms, which are feminine, magnetic, and integrating. The iconic refers to its conceptual properties, one of the 3 progressions towards the higher order of creation into manifestation (Iconic or conceptual, Embryonic or synthesis, and Gaia, or crystallization).

Size: 190mm/7.48in

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