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Portal Glastonbury



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Ref.WD0048 - Silver wand with Heart Star geometry, rose quartz carved lotus flower, sapphire gemstone, and clear quartz crystal.

"When I put rose quartz in my designs it is to inspire this belief in the self as a fractal of the unconditional love that is the creation principle of the universe.
This rose quartz Lotus also carries the meaning and remembrance of the beauty created from the muddy swamp bottom that the lotus is born. Our job as fractals of unconditional love is to transmute All experience into the perfection of who we are – to become an inspiration for love.

The symbol of a Lotus blossom holds a variety of meanings in different cultures around the Planet. The most popular perception of this luminous flower is that of a symbol of transcendence due to the fact that a Lotus blossom rises flawlessly up through the waters, unsullied by the mud and slime it grows in.

When we use it in our jewelry it represents integration and transformation. The root of the Lotus is embedded in the mire. It draws nutrients from the dark depths of the mineral rich muck and translates it into a flower of shameless luminosity. The Lotus inspires us to acknowledge and appreciate the integration of the play of light and shadow, transmuting duality into wholeness." by Jiva Carter

Size: 111mm/4.37in

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