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Ref.SZ0131 - Octahedron

Ref.SZ0131 - Octahedron

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Ref.SZ0131 - Octahedron

Prana Sphere, aka Octahedron (8 sides / symbolizes Air)

The Octahedron is one of the Platonic solids. An octahedron has six vertices, and eight triangular faces, out of which four meet.

“To those beings who down through the ages
have with the many tools of manipulation
caused fear to enter my consciousness,
I extend my forgiveness.

I love and accept these and all beings
as I love and accept myself
and recognize my connectedness to all Creation.

It is with the knowledge that I have always had choice,
that all experience adds to the perfection of who
I am, that I am the source generating my experiences,
that my identity goes beyond this physical form.

It is with the understanding of this knowledge
that I let go of my fear,
stepping out of victimhood and into creatorship,
I begin to break the tyranny of consensus reality.”

Type: palm size

Material: Bali rose wood

Size: 30mm/1.18in

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