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Portal Glastonbury

Ref.SZ0130 - Cube

Ref.SZ0130 - Cube

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Ref.SZ0130 - Cube

Terra Sphere, aka Cube/Hexahedron (6 sides / symbolizes Earth)

"Become aware of the crystalline matrix of our planet Earth, see and sense her brilliant body of light beneath your feet, every molecule of her matter, a holographic library of earthly genetic information, solidified consciousness, vibrating at a frequency that bridges all dimensions, every crystal a fragment of frozen light.

Earth’s crystalline core stores her consciousness, encoding her matrix.

She is naturally attuned to her centre, to her Sun, to the centre of the galaxy, to the Source.

Begin to have a sense of yourself on the surface of this emerald and blue planet as she spins through the galaxy: all her green and vibrant valleys, all her proud mountains, pulsating with the rhythms of life, flowing through her rivers, dancing on her ocean waves.

You are her sons and her daughters.

You belong here.

This is your home."

Type: palm size

Material: Bali rose wood

Size: 30mm/1.18in

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