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Ref.SZ0092 - Gaia Terra Prana Sphere / Great Rhombicoctahedron

Ref.SZ0092 - Gaia Terra Prana Sphere / Great Rhombicoctahedron

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Ref.SZ0092 - Gaia Terra Prana Sphere / Great Rhombicoctahedron

The Gaia Terra Prana Sphere, aka Great Rhombicoctahedron, is one of the 13 Archimedean forms. They are feminine, magnetic, and integrating: the Iconic or conceptual, the Embryonic or synthesis, and Gaia, or crystallization. Each progression brings a higher order of creation into manifestation.

STARS of IMMORTALITY - Ceremony of Crystallization

Gaia Terra Prana Star & Gaia Aqua Solar Star - The Stars of Immortality

All the geometric fractals of the Soul Covenant employed in all the Template Ceremonies hold the immortal harmonic, however in the two crystalline Gaia Stars the three phases of manifestation come together in one geometric data storage unit forming the complete harmonic of the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ and the ‘Tree of Life’. These two geometric configurations mirror that part of the Soul Covenant that bridges the dimensions.
Their presence in the Ceremony of Crystallization integrates the entire chakra system beginning in the crystalline core through the Earth, Survival, Procreation, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Auric, Solar and Galactic to then circle back to the Crystalline Core. This charts not only the map of the integrating system of Chakra centres but also the ‘Circuit of Breath’ that charts ‘The Breath of Immortality’ to include the Galactic core (the ‘One Circuit’ that connects this circuit to the Universal Circuit is reconnected in the 5th Ceremony). This circle of breath is the 7th Circuit of the Pranic Mechanism and connects the Human Unit of circuitry through the Heart, Roof of the Mouth and Fontanelle.
In the Ceremony of Crystallization, the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ and the ‘Tree Of Life’ are united to share spatial cognoscente through the same circuit.

The Gaia Terra Prana sphere is an expansion of the cuboctahedron so yes exponentially increases manifestation.

Type: palm size

Material: wood

Size: 40mm/1.57in

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