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Ref.SZ0080 - 5D Hyper Dodecahedron cluster

Ref.SZ0080 - 5D Hyper Dodecahedron cluster

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Ref.SZ0080 - 5D Hyper Dodecahedron cluster

Communication: Receiving & Expressing Spirit and either element

The toroidal dodecahedron with its pentagrams crossing through the inner space of the dodecahedron creating a multiple vortex icosahedron - is representative of the hyper spatial geometry of the causal ocean / dark matter /dark energy, and like the hypercube is the zero point through which light, as information, passes unlimited by time and space. It evokes our awareness of the event horizon between the ‘infinite in’ and the ‘infinite out’.
This form, like the Hyper Cube, assists fluent communication between people and through other dimensions of consciousness. Recommended for visionaries, public speakers, teachers and channellers.

Type: palm size

Material: silver

Size: 47mm/1.85in

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