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Ref.ST0103 - 8 sided diamond with Solar Star

Ref.ST0103 - 8 sided diamond with Solar Star

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Ref.ST0103 - 8 sided diamond with nested Solar Star [can be turned on opposite direction of the diamond] geometry


Joy, Sovereignty, Empowerment, Rejuvenation

The heart of the Solar Star is the Solar Sphere, or dodecahedron, one of the 5 ‘perfect’ forms that represent the ‘spirit’ element of Ether.
The Solar Star forms a lattice work of never ending, never beginning, pentangles, resolving, through its configuration of endlessness, all inner sense of separation, returning us to joy. It assists the assimilation of prana, activating the immortal fractal of the light body known as the Tree of Life.

The Solar Star reconnects the Ether circuits at the solar plexus, heart and pubic bone, restoring sovereignty.

Type: hanging size

Material: brass & glass

Size: 260mm/10.24in

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