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Ref.ST0098 - C6 Stellar Vortex

Ref.ST0098 - C6 Stellar Vortex

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Ref.ST0098 - C6 Stellar Vortex (Amrita)

This geometry is used in The Template ceremony 6, the Worldbridger ceremony

Solar Om 136.10 Hz

This Stellar Vortex geometry holds 136.10 Hz representing the Solar Om frequency, reminding about the role of the Sun in our system as an ultimate monadic form of Source Consciousness, an emissary of Benevolence of Creation. Our Sun is a centrifugal crystalline generator that receives, translates and transmits the hyper-coded divine Covenant into usable data for our solar system, the Sun is the gateway to the Heart of Cosmos. The Sun is the Maha spheric heart of the solar system, communicating the light-code dynamics within its field of stellar influence, a massive teardrop enfolding, informing and igniting all the planets within its heliocentric embrace.

Between Sun and Earth, the courtship of creation begins with light, liquid gold fractals of geometric energy, forming an endless transmission of light-code Intelligence pulsing in orgasmic spherical waves, generating the photonic matrix of creation, cascades of primal data reaching out to transfuse Earth's field of awareness with its luminosity. Earth's feminine magnetic potency receives the seed impulse into her egg-like receptive field, integrating and synthesizing its iconic directive through embryonic stages into crystallization.

These, the wedding vows between spirit and matter, between the Mother of Form and the Father of Consciousness; the Maha Gaia Tantra of creation.

"Love manifest, the day a song,
a melody of eternity,
the harmonies of endlessness,
the sound of One..."

Type: hanging size

Material: brass

Size: 30cm/11.81in

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