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Ref.SP0195 - Elemental Matrix / Intercoherence

Ref.SP0195 - Elemental Matrix / Intercoherence

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Ref.SP0195 - Elemental Matrix / Intercoherence

We have made this and versions of it since I began making geometry, in fact after a cardboard Star tetrahedron covered in holographic glitter, the first metal geometry we made was the 5 platonic solids nested in the fashion you see in this piece. It was also used in our first ever geometry ceremony. And yet I have never named it. There are names for the 5 platonic nesting but they never resonated. A couple of months ago I started designing the geometry for the 12th ceremony which will use this as a component although much expanded on as it will include all the Archimedean and other geometries.
Yesterday I was meditating on the C12 geometry thinking about its structure and significance, and the word Inter-coherence came to mind. As we know, computers utilize rather linear codes to process incredible amounts of information. However, our biocomputer uses something far more efficient, Sacred Geometry. In a fractally expanding hyper dimensional vortex interface the nodes of which form data grids that provide us with processing capabilities far beyond mechanical technology systems and currently our own awareness.
These grids nesting to each other create inter-coherence. This is a process in which 2 or more systems communicate and interact in complete resonance. Think in terms of our visible systems like nervous, circulatory, and endocrine, and expand that to what we feel but cannot see with even our most powerful micro and telescopes. Understanding the true operating system of our Biocomputers would give us a great advantage in the reprogramming of our outdated Beliefs, limitations, and conflicting agendas. As now we are divided even within ourselves. However, have sensed the opportunity of evolving into fully integrated aware units of bio inter coherence.

This piece is 5 platonic solids nested with the addition of the Archimedean Cuboctahedron.

Type: pendant

Material: brass

Size: 30mm/1.18in

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