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Portal Glastonbury

Ref.SP0067 - Star tetrahedron w/amethyst, aka OMNI Protect

Ref.SP0067 - Star tetrahedron w/amethyst, aka OMNI Protect

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Ref.SP0067 - Star tetrahedron triple spinner w/amethyst. Named "OMNI Protect".

The Tetrahedron


The tetrahedron is the simplest of all 3-dimensional geometric forms, the ‘seed’ of geometry, the first in a succession of the divisions of the sphere. It represents the element of Fire - creation and creativity, sexuality, procreation and desire, transmutation and transformation, the master purifier. In any of its forms or compounded matrices (Star Tetrahedron, Tantric Star, Hyper Tetrahedron), it is a gateway to our Self.

Omni Protect

Amethyst is a transmuting medicine and is reflecting back healing.
The brass circle symbolizes the gold & the Sun, that evaporates everything, leaving no contamination, and reflecting light & love.
The copper circle works as a purifier & protector, a sort of spiritual antibiotic & antiseptic.
The silver circle works as a mirror, to deflect what is being done to the user.
The Star Tetrahedron (see description above) is our ethereal vehicle, the Mer Ka Ba, where we sit.
In case the protection is for someone else, the person's name can be written on a small piece of paper to be placed inside the geometry. Likewise, will symbolically be in the middle of the protection.

Type: pendant

Material: brass/copper/silver

Size: 53mm/2.09in

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