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Ref.SM0048 - Metatron Cube

Ref.SM0048 - Metatron Cube

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Ref.SM0048 - Metatron Cube (double sided)

The Tantric Terra Matrix, more commonly known as the Metatron Cube, does so much it would be difficult to say what its meaning is in less than a small book, because all geometry is able to come from it.

It is the basic 2D symbol that represents the forms from which atomic bonds form matter and the pattern of which cell division follows to create the baby in the womb. I guess you could say it is the beginning of manifestation but it goes so far beyond that. We make this in the flat form which is the most commonly recognized and because many people like it in a mandala shape. However, we generally work with the 3D versions of it.

In its general description, it is said to have all geometries included but when they are drawn out to illustrate this, they only show the 5 Platonic Solids. Yes, those are the obvious ones, but it also includes a Hyper Cube and reference points for all the Archimedeans solids, so it truly is a powerful talisman to wear and a perfect elemental ornament in 3D to hang in a space. It is like the ultimate Feng Shui device as it balances the energy of all the elements both in their masculine and feminine aspect.

To further understand its benefits, you might want to look at the properties of the “Mer Ka Bah” [Star Tetrahedron/Tantric Star], Vector Equilibrium, etc. The bottom line: this is one of the most compact geometric forms. And it will cover a multitude of purposes.

Type: medallion

Material: silver/silver

Size: 43mm/1.69in

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