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Portal Glastonbury



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Ref.PD0667 - Gold plated on silver pendant with Tantric Vortex geometry, laser quartz crystal, citrine, and amethyst gems.

The Tantric vortex is the 2nd Form used in the 7th Template Ceremony: “Maha Gaia Tantra”

This geometry combines the heart star and a double Genesa crystal (cuboctahedron made of circles). The word Genesa crystal was coined by Dr.Derald Langham, a plant geneticist in the 1940’s. He used the word crystal because of how the atomic and genetic structures of nature hold this shape. And Genesa because it is the shape that holds the beginnings of manifestation like a womb of a Magnetic field.

The Genesa crystal is a sacred geometry made of four woven circles forming a sphere with six square and eight triangular faces. If made of straight lines it is called a cube octahedron; this name is given because when a cube and an octahedron are nested so that their edges cross at their centres, they create a 3rd shape that integrates the 2; it represents unity and interconnectedness while the cube represents earth/matter and the octahedron air/breath/Prana. The metaphor of breath into the clay as bringing about life comes from a more ancient understanding of the physics of creation and this geometry is the language of that vortex where the tantric fusion of electro-magnetism is the zero-point of matter and spirit as a conscious reference point in the unified field.

The Genesa generates an energy vortex that purifies and then amplifies the intentions of those in its presence. In effect, it becomes an antenna that attracts, cleanses, balances, and finally amplifies energy.

The ‘Tantric Vortex’ doubles that, creating a double vortex with a heart star naturally forming from the inner sphere and protruding through the outer sphere it focuses the consciousness of those in its field to the unconditional love that is the heart of all that is, a toroidal transducer of the tantric song of creation. Receiving, deciphering and projecting an ever-increasing flow of Source awareness, co-creating a planetary field of symbiotic resonance with all other sentient portals of light, it aligns each breath as a vow between spirit and matter to embody a sensory instrument for the full expression of the Maha Gaia Tantra of Creation.

Size: 111mm/4.37in

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