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Portal Glastonbury



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Ref.PD0654 - Gold plated on silver pendant with Penta Vortex geometry, amethyst, and tanzanite gemstones.

Penta Vortex - 11D Solar Vortex

Hyper dodecahedron to the 11th dimension - bridging spirit and matter, body and soul

This Form is a Phaseometric [Phase-o-metric] complex of interrelated morphing patterns folding through an event, symmetrically defining the conduit between our understanding of matter and spirit.

Phase-o-metric, as opposed to geometric (geometric means the measurement of matter), earth and the space-time in it and around it. Phaseometry is a word I created to express the fact that matter, space and time, are not static; that what we experience as frozen in time is actually a constant state of an energy flux of co-creative waves of conscious intent manifesting as the seen and unseen holonomic reality-system that we are and are a part of. This shape fulfils the need for a universal language that transcends the dualistic and mechanistic language that through analytical polarization of spirit and matter, has for time immemorial diverted the thinking of both philosophers and scientists. The Penta Vortex gives us a virtual wormhole into a greater cosmological truth.

Sacred geometry is beyond symbolic because it IS a model of the reality it expresses.

In this case there is the cube (earth) + dodecahedron (spirit) / hyper dodecahedron and hyper-cube. Combined in a way that expresses the fact that there is no differentiation (geometrically) between matter and spirit.

There are many ways to look at or see this piece and the elements that form it and the patterns of relationships they reveal, but here I will give you just a few …

If you are holding this object, rotating and examining it, you may begin a contemplation/meditation on these for your own deeper understanding – and for further patterns.

12 pentagrams joined by their points so that each vertex [point] is a joining of 3 pentagrams, then those intersecting points of the 6 lines are joined to each of their neighbouring point which forms a dodecahedron. Thus, you now have a dodecahedron with a pentagram on each face. OR another way to see that is what I also call the PentaDodeca which is five cubes perfectly defined as nested in the dodecahedron as each line that forms the pentagram is the edge of a perfect 3D cube (this is hard to see in this piece as there are many other things going on in it). Now let’s take a closer look at those cubes; lets again take away the dodecahedron leaving us with the 5 cubes formed by the 12 pentagrams. As I said before this gives us 6 lines meeting at each point. Thus, this is not 5 cubes, it is a 6D hypercube. 12 5-cube 5-faces. It can be called a hexeract. It can also be called a regular dodeca-6-tope or dodecapeton, being a 6-dimensional polytope constructed from 12 regular facets.
Now that only defined the outside of this structure piercing through this shell is 12 more pentagrams – again attaching themselves by their points to all the other 12 points that create the dodecahedron thus making it an 11D hyper dodecahedron. This of course forms, though not defined, the icosahedron in the center; the hyper cubes also create by default a matrix of octahedrons and so on and so on.
The last piece of this I want to draw your attention to, is that as you have nested a 6D hypercube inside an 11D hyper dodecahedron. Viewed at this phase it becomes a matrix of 12 equal Phi vortex symmetry. I have slightly flattened it so that it can be worn comfortably.
What are the benefits of wearing this piece? Again, I will here only give a few but I believe you will most likely unfold the infinite possibilities of this multidimensional stargate for yourself. Happy exploration.

Because it creates a conduit between our understanding of matter and spirit, it is the ultimate in communication and connection revealing interconnectedness; it gives you a portal into the understanding of cosmic and daily conversation with yourself, others and the universal. In every aspect of our lives, communication is one of the most important aspects of our evolution and defines the quality of our relationships.

Because it helps us to see within, it is a fast track to self-referencing and personal evolution. It gives us a view of all other, from the perspective of self-understanding, and thus an ability to express our truth from an expanded self-awareness.

It also, in virtue of its prismatic vortex complexity that is able to recognize and reject parasitic consciousness and thought form attachments and with directed intent, filter frequencies that are not in resonance with our most expanded consciousness destiny.

Size: 81mm/3.19in

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