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Portal Glastonbury



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Gold plated on silver pendant with Penta Vortex geometry, clear quartz crystal, and sapphire gems.

Penta Vortex - 11D Solar Vortex

Hyper dodecahedron to the 11th dimension - bridging spirit and matter, body and soul

This Form is a Phaseometric [Phase-o-metric] complex of interrelated morphing patterns folding through an event, symmetrically defining the conduit between our understanding of matter and spirit.

Phase-o-metric, as opposed to geometric (geometric means the measurement of matter), earth and the space-time in it and around it. Phaseometry is a word I created to express the fact that matter, space and time, are not static; that what we experience as frozen in time is actually a constant state of an energy flux of co-creative waves of conscious intent manifesting as the seen and unseen holonomic reality-system that we are and are a part of. This shape fulfils the need for a universal language that transcends the dualistic and mechanistic language that through analytical polarization of spirit and matter, has for time immemorial diverted the thinking of both philosophers and scientists. The Penta Vortex gives us a virtual wormhole into a greater cosmological truth.

Size: 90mm/3.54in

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