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Portal Glastonbury



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Ref.PD0558 - Gold plated on silver pendant with Penta Vortex geometry, and Brandberg amethyst.

Penta Vortex - 11D Solar Vortex

Hyper dodecahedron to the 11th dimension - bridging spirit and matter, body and soul

This Form is a Phaseometric [Phase-o-metric] complex of interrelated morphing patterns folding through an event, symmetrically defining the conduit between our understanding of matter and spirit.

Phase-o-metric, as opposed to geometric (geometric means the measurement of matter), earth and the space-time in it and around it. Phaseometry is a word I created to express the fact that matter, space and time, are not static; that what we experience as frozen in time is actually a constant state of an energy flux of co-creative waves of conscious intent manifesting as the seen and unseen holonomic reality-system that we are and are a part of.

Sacred geometry is beyond symbolic because it IS a model of the reality it expresses.

In this case there is the cube (earth) + dodecahedron (spirit) / hyper dodecahedron and hyper-cube. Combined in a way that expresses the fact that there is no differentiation (geometrically) between matter and spirit.

Size: 85mm/3.35in

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