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Portal Glastonbury



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Silver pendant with Solar Mandala & Heart Star geometries, lapis lazuli carved lotus flower, mother of pearl carved leaves, amethyst, ruby, and peridot gemstones.

Solar Mandala - Connection to Source

This form is a geometric component of reconnection in the Source Ceremony.

Serenity, Peace, Harmony

Also known as the Seed of Life, the Solar Mandala develop from the geometric vesica piscis, the ’womb of creation’. It describes the emergence of something out of nothing, the pattern of the creation of form.

Communion with this form re-awakens the cognisance of our original Human blueprint, reconnecting us to the Benevolent Heart of Creation, confirming our remembrance of our celestial origins, alleviating fear and calming the overstimulation of the adrenal glands.

Size: 97mm/3.82in

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