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Portal Glastonbury



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Ref.PD0316 - Silver pendant with Tantric Terra Prana geometry, and ram head.

Whenever you are ready to start something new, ram will help you with inspiration and encourage you to put your head down and make things happen. While you will be developing your personal power, be aware of how you use it, and keep it under control so you don't dominate others.

Tantric Terra Prana - Masculine & Feminine in Union

Protection: Activation & Integration

The Tantric Terra Prana Sphere (sometimes also referred as the manifester) synthesizes many healing and rejuvenating properties in one unified form and is a powerful protector on every level. Like the Heart Star, it activates the heart chakra, awakening and deepening compassion and initiating emotional clearing, purification and healing. Like the Tantric Star, it activates the 3rd eye and sacral chakras.

This form protects against both magnetic and electric emanations.

Size: 60mm/2.36in

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