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Portal Glastonbury



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Ref.CR0031 - Skull carved in iron wood.

Skulls are the pineal gland cradle, a gland that when active enable us to receive the full spectrum of the geometric language of light. The pineal can produce the endogenous  substances that reveal our inherent ability to become conscious and aware in dimensions that express the energetic truth of the holistic.

"Circuitry streams Source Code information into the endocrine system. A master organ of this system is the pineal. There is a direct link between the function of this organ and the activation of dormant DNA. The ability of the pineal to decode the data stream of light intelligence defines it as our primary bio-signaling system that determines the di-mensional spectrum within which we become conscious. When this gland is function-ing at its full potential it is a biological time-machine. Tibetan Buddhists were so fo-cused on this gland’s ability to affect consciousness that they devised long and ardu-ous exercises to activate it, going so far as to physically create an aperture in the crown of the head so as to expose it to more light.

Constructed of retinoic cells, as are the eyes, the pineal encases a configuration of lenses that reflect and translate light. The wider the spectrum of light that this master gland can decode and distribute through the central nervous system and into the cells, the more it can reactivate dormant genetic material - for light is the resonant language of DNA.

Through the reconnection of circuitry the pineal will begin to rejuvenate and resurrect its full capacity to transmit light-encoded data, reactivating dormant DNA, ultimately culminating in the resurrection of the transcendental Human." by Juliet Carter

Size: 70mm/2.76in

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