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Ref.CD0008 - "Maha Gaia Tantra Phi-Sonic"

Ref.CD0008 - "Maha Gaia Tantra Phi-Sonic"

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Ref.CD0008 - "Maha Gaia Tantra Phi-Sonic"

The musical compositions of Maha Gaia Tantra are tuned to 136.10 Hz, the frequency f our Earth's orbit around her Sun, as corroborated by the Swiss mathematician Hans Cousto in his book "The Cosmic Octave". Cousto calculated the sound frequencies of the Sun and the planets through the process of applying The Law of the Octaves to period phenomena.

"Dawn actuated the awakening tide of consciousness, a passionate diffusion of energy, pulsating waves ascending currents.

As first light suffuses the darkness to touch the earth with fiery color, to kiss the tips of trees and mountaintops ,to bathe the land in light, every leaf and flower, every insect and blade of grass responds ecstatically.


Air, Fire, Earth, Water and Ether individually emit a tonal frequency collectively creating the symphony of eutrophic harmonies that enchant spirit and matter.

The matrix of the Human light-body vibrates at a frequency calibrated to the co-creative synergy of the Sun's divine directive projected as light, and the receptive, integrating resonance held in the crystalline hearth of Earth.

Between these two potencies we are a melody of eternity, the harmonies of endlessness.

We are love manifest."

Music by Juergen Taruna & Jiva Carter

Artwork by Mark Lee

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