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Ref.CD0005 - "Phi Sonic - Breathe"

Ref.CD0005 - "Phi Sonic - Breathe"

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Ref.CD0005 - "Phi Sonic - Breathe" 

" manifests spirit into form,

Each breath is the cohesive divine influence that allows for the stimulation of the cerebral cortex and the intricate brain chemistry that gives the eyes the gift of sight, the ears of sound, the heart to feel

Breath is the bridge to consciousness,
the transformation of awareness into form and motion, the medium through which we witness the daily miracle.

Prana is the life-directive made accessible to the Human hologram through molecular resonance. With each breath we step into the wheel of eternal existence, sharing the One eternal breath that is shared by every living thing on every planet, in every solar system, in every galaxy of every universe.

Your breath escorts you into the churning mandalas of co-creative, interactive fractals that compose the holographic template of all manifest existence…

As you listen to these frequencies know you are not only you, you are the universe.

You are the Source.

As the holographic emissaries of prime consciousness you are fractals of the One"

Music by Juergen Taruna

Artwork by Mark Lee

Total time : 1:00:04

Content: 1 CD

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