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Ref.ST0101 - Dodecahedron-watches in wire wrap

Ref.ST0101 - Dodecahedron-watches in wire wrap

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Ref.ST0101 - Dodecahedron-watches in wire wrap

Solar Sphere/Dodecahedron

One of the five Platonic solids, and symbolizing Ether, the dodecahedron has twenty vertices and twelve pentagonal faces with three faces meeting.

“As you breathe with the Solar Star, evoke in your heart and mind Earth’s Sun, that great golden orb of light that brings the day, filling it with warmth, casting its diamond brilliance upon the oceans, drawing across the land Earth’s green garment, seducing her matrix to give birth to countless forms of life.

Our Sun translates the primal matrix of Source Intelligence and transmits it as coherent light. Its luminosity is the symbiotic code that activates our Soul’s Covenant with light to evolve as conduits of love.

We are a solar race, each one of us emissaries of Source Consciousness, able to translate, through the masterpiece of our Human design, the Galactic Directive encoded into the informational field of our Sun.

Born of the matrix of light… we are light.”

Type: hanging size

Material: chrome

Size: 77mm/3.03in

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