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Ref.SP0196 - Terra/Gaia Vortex

Ref.SP0196 - Terra/Gaia Vortex

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Ref.SP0196 - Terra/Gaia Vortex

Worldbridger II

Infinite Eight 8 Hz

This Terra/Gaia Vortex Geometry holds 8 Hz representing the octave of the infinite 8, which is a counter-sonic response of Earth to the morphic resonance of her Sun star. The ultimate neuro-acoustic healer, the infinite eight is the sonic cure for the mortal neuro-psycho-biology that initiates the deterioration of the physical body into death.

In the figure 8, the intersection between the circle above and the one below signifies the center, border between the 'infinite in' and 'the infinite out', between the vision and its manifestation, the terminus between the inflow of Source data and the outflow of cognizant feedback, the Mother of Form rising to meet the Father of Consciousness.

Geometrically, the infinite eight forms a vector cube-octahedron, the central vortex of a three-dimensional Flower of Life. When stellated it becomes a Heart Star. Its role as a fractal aspect of our Soul's Covenant with light is activated in The Template ceremony of Sacred Breath as it connects the Sacral Circuit within the crucible of birth, the sacrum.

"I am the sensory expression of the benevolence of Creation" is the mantra of the infinite eight.

Type: pendant

Material: brass

Size: 26mm/1.02in

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