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Portal Glastonbury



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Ref.PD0830 - Silver pendant with snake motif, abalone carved hummingbird, and garnet gemstone.

Snake medicine brings you the ability of transmutation; like an alchemist you'll be able to transform negative experiences - a bad business deal, a car accident or a serious illness - into a positive spiritual lesson. As the snake sheds her skin, your capacity to grow as a person will increase because you aren't afraid to shed ideas or relationships that no longer serve you.

Hummingbird medicine will enhance the ability of problem solving. When there is an issue, you'll be able to see it from all angles, finding the best solution for everyone involved. Because it can raise levels of productivity, projects tend to be completed ahead of time. You might also expect an energetic boost as well as increased versatility.

Size: 61mm/2.4in

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