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Portal Glastonbury



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Ref.PD0758 - Silver pendant with Tantric Star geometry, mother of pearl carved wings, and a chalice decorated with chrysocolla and sapphire gemstones.


"I can see why one might think of wings in terms of ascension although it's not a word we would use, because it implies a sort of going to heaven or something like that. For some wings represent angels, transcendence, etc. For us we view the evolution of consciousness not as higher but as expanded. So, the wings, while they take you high as an eagle or a hawk flies, you are not so much leaving the world/earth but integrating it from an expanded perception."

Tantric Star

Activation: Initiation, Inspiration

The Tantric Star is formed by interlocking ascending and descending tetrahedrons (see below). Also known as the Mer Ka Ba, the Tantric Star functions as a 3-dimensional mandala, connecting us to our centre point, a stargate into the matrix of manifest reality. It describes the energy pattern created by the electromagnetic male and female potencies of creation as they come together to conceive atoms, Humans, the Universe - the seminal form that Consciousness takes as it initiates the polarisation of the Monad into the sacred enclosure of the Trinity, holding the frequency of the 3rd dimension fully manifest in form.

This form protects against unbalanced magnetic emanations, e.g., mobile and cordless phones.


The ancient Roman “calix” was a drinking vessel consisting of a bowl fixed atop a stand, and was in common use at banquets. and became the symbol of celebration – to the Wicca and Pagan The chalice, cauldron or cup is a symbol of the Goddess, the womb, and the female reproductive organs. It also represents water which is a female element and the feminine qualities of intuition, subconscious, psychic ability and gestation. The symbol of the feminine principle, the match to the Athames and also the wand.

In Christianity it is used for the sacramental wine of “holy communion” was the legend of Joseph of Amerathea the Holy grail that caught the tears and blood of Jesus.

For the Sufis, the chalice symbolizes the sharing of blessings for it enables the steppe and desert communities to share water, milk, and hospitality … and is a symbol of abundance.
One of the oldest references to the chalice comes from the Veda in the creation story where the “gods” and “demons” fight over the elixir of immortality stolen from the original human, the fight is designed as a tug of war wrapping Anantasesha [snake with infinite heads/kundalini/DNA] around the mountain the demons holding the tail and the gods the head as they pull back and forth the mountain sitting on the back of a turtle [earth element] churns the casual ocean creates first the poisons and then the elixir of immortality which is then healed in the Jar/ chalice of Danvantari which eventually became also the symbol of medicine and was used by Pharma – a chalice with a snake wrapped around it. The shape of the chalice is that of the vortex, the center of toroidal transmutation. The eye of the storm – the hourglass of eternity – the border between the infinite in and infinite out.

As it is also associated with transmutation, the prolongation of life, the recovery of youth, the cure of diseases, invincibility, immortality, enlightenment, liberation from the cycle of rebirths, and unending bliss. It is linked to the rose and the lotus and even in Greek the root word for chalice is Calyx which means cup but also the part of the flower from which come the petals. The seeds of the blue lotus were believed to hold the secret of immortality in Siam.

The lotus and the rose are the natural vortexes, a chalice that opens their petals to receive the stellar radiance that is the love at the heart of creation.

Size: 78mm/3.07in

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