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Portal Glastonbury



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Ref.PD0743 - Silver pendant with Hyper Tetrahedron geometry, mother of pearl carved wings, laser quartz crystal, and amethyst gemstones.

Hyper Tetrahedron

The portal of potency and potentials.

A hyper tetrahedron is the 4th dimensional representation of the tetrahedron, our gateway to the next dimension, a seed of inspiration, potency and potentials, the initiator in the language of creation, a portal to unlimited possibilities.

The Hyper Tetrahedron IS the beginning of everything. The language of creation associated with the element of fire. The First Gateway to the 4th dimension. From the heart of a tetrahedron another becomes manifest (in reverse) as the tetrahedron is the only platonic that mirrors itself. Point to face; as the inner tetrahedron reaches out beyond the original its 4 points pierce each face eventually expanding to the point where it becomes the outer tetra and the original diminishes back to zero point. The halfway mark is a Star Tetrahedron/MerKaBah. The vector, or Zero Point, is the interface of creation where the un-manifest and the manifest meet.

As a manifester this geometry speaks the language of abundance. The tetrahedron is the simplest division of the sphere. It is also the birth of identity, the beginning of the recognition of your mission in serving the whole. Simultaneous Sovereignty and Oneness experienced as the geometric metaphor.

Wings have many meanings for many people - most of the meaning is derived from religious or cultural ideas (angels, transcendence, freedom from the world, etc.). When we use them, it is with the intent to inspire an overview. Like the eagle or the hawk, who fly high above the earth is not there to escape it but to have a broader view. With an overview of the reality, we may better navigate the terrain upon which we are grounded.

The wings are the elevators that catch the thermals of higher thought that give us a vantage of the overview – seeing from there we see the interconnection of all things – understanding brings forgiveness.

Size: 78mm/3.07in

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