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Portal Glastonbury



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Silver pendant with Heart Star, Tantric Star & Iconic Terra Prana Sphere geometries, plus quartz crystal.

Iconic Terra Prana Sphere, aka Truncated Cuboctahedron

Feminine - Magnetic

Manifestation: Integration

The Iconic Terra Prana Sphere is also known as the Cube Octahedron, the Faraday Cage and the Vector equilibrium, a dynamic balance of energies. As a feminine magnetic form of consciousness, it awakens the sensory self to the miracle of conscious existence and heals the heart with the sense of gratitude. It brings ideas into manifestation and has a calming and grounding effect. As an Inner Vector (with stellations focusing to the interior) it assists meditation and inner communion. The Iconic Terra Prana Sphere forms the centre of the Heart Star.

This form protects against unbalanced electric energies, eg, computers, televisions, etc.

Size: 64mm/2.52in

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