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Portal Glastonbury

Ref.CD0007 - "Phi Sonic - Resonance"

Ref.CD0007 - "Phi Sonic - Resonance"

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Ref.CD0007 - "Phi Sonic - Resonance"


WorldBridger Phi Sonic Resonance

As you flood your being in these cosmic octaves,
simultaneously filling your vision with the counter resonant
geometric calibrations of these harmonics in form,
33 major circuits of electromagnetic frequencies
download the energetic nature of source consciousness
into your endocrine system; embracing your field
of consciousness into the interactive,
co-creative holography of the immortal continuum
You become the portal through which
Devine Consciousness flows.

Words - Juliet Carter
Music - Jurgen E aka Taruna & Jiva

© 2009

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