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Ref.CD0006 - "Phi Sonic - Solar System"

Ref.CD0006 - "Phi Sonic - Solar System"

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Ref.CD0006 - "Phi Sonic - Solar System"

Phi Sonic - Solar System is inspired by the Swiss mathematician and musicologist Hans Cousto's and his book ‘The Cosmic Octave’.
In his desire to consciously attune himself to harmonious cosmic rhythms Cousto calculated the sound frequencies of the Sun and the planets through the process of applying the 'Law of the Octave’ to ‘period phenomena’.
Each sound used to create this music is micro- tuned to within one cent of a semi-tone. The frequencies are analyzed and adjusted with specialized computer software.


Sacred geometry architects Jiva & Juliet Carter conceived and constructed the geometries that form the resonant harmonics that calibrate to the Sun and 7 planets of our solar system.
Through resonant feedback, each of the 8 tones and their corresponding geometric forms reconnect circuits of electromagnetic ‘Source Consciousness’ into the Human Field. These 8 circuits enter the body and feed into the endocrine system. These reconnections last only while listening to the sounds, however, the connections will be rendered permanent by watching the 'Temple of Time' DVD once it is released or by experiencing the 'Temple of Time Ceremony’ at a Template workshop. The composition consists of 8 pieces of music in the following sequence:

1. Sun           126.22 Hz
2. Mercury   141.27 Hz
3. Venus      221.23 Hz
4. Earth       194.18 Hz
5. Mars       144.72 Hz
6. Maldek* 128.00 Hz
7. Jupiter    183.58 Hz
8. Saturn    147.85 Hz

Total time : 55:52

Composed, mixed and mastered at Stargate Studio by Juergen Taruna. Geometry, co- composition and supervision by Jiva Carter

*(Maldek position of the Asteroid belt)

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