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Ref.CD0003 - "The Template - Actualization"

Ref.CD0003 - "The Template - Actualization"

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Ref.CD0003 - "The Template - Actualization" by Juliet Carter

© 2005

*Source Circuits

*Connecting to the core fractal of the Universal holography.
*The energetic truth of Creation.
*The meaning of Source opens to you within you.
*The redefinition of Source/God in the Human psyche.
*Bypassing spiri ital mediati to realize omniscient knowledge.
*Cerebral Cortex Temple of Remembrance.
*The chemistry of belief.
*Re-entry into the immortal continuum via circuitry reconnection.

*The planetary Intruder, A Stolen Race & the Portal of 2012

*Visionary calendar priests and shaman astrologers.
*Now is the time of prophesy-we are the ones we are waiting for.
*False time/space frequency equals mortal paradigm.
*Our distorted solar symbiosis created by a false orbit of the Sun.
*The planetary imposter & the capture of Earth.
*The ancestral seeding of the Human root race.
*The supreme organizing principal of galactic core transmission.

*The Temple of Time Ceremony

*Restoring Human/Solar symbiosis as an energetic coordinate in the Human electromagnetic field and the heart/body/mind system.
*A unified electromagnetic call to cosmic order.

Actualization is #3 of a 3 part series

Content: 1 CDs

Music by: Midori New World Music Inc

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