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Ref.CD0002 - "The Template - Activation & Integration"

Ref.CD0002 - "The Template - Activation & Integration"

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Ref.CD0002 - "The Template - Activation & Integration" by Juliet Carter

© 2005

*Language of Light, The Sacred Wedding
*The Sacred Geometry of the Template
*3rd Dimension Fully manifest in Form
*13th Circuit of Activation and Integration
          The Physics of Consciousness and the Archetypal Arena
*13th Circuit Ceremony
*Resurrecting the Geometric Soul Covenant
          The Physical Body is as Sacred as the Soul
          The Original Human Blueprint as a fractal of the Hyper-Holographic Universe
*The Geometric Soul Covenant
          and the Ceremonies of Activation and Integration
*Ceremony of Sacred Breath
          Pranic Causeway - Pranic Mechanism
*6th Element- Stellar Radiance
*The Heart Star

Activation & Integration is #2 of a 3 part series

Content: 1 CDs

Music by: Midori New World Music Inc

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