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Ref.CD0001 - "The Template - Foundation"

Ref.CD0001 - "The Template - Foundation"

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Ref.CD0001 - "The Template - Foundation" by Juliet Carter

© 2005

The Template is a journey of healing, forgiveness, remembrance, resurrection and ultimately, transcendence of the dualistic mortal paradigm.
A journey of liberation and empowerment that takes you into the history of Humanity's true origins to retrieve our soul's lineage and our celestial seeding

*The Template - Introduction
*Science of Transcendence
                Circuitry, the Endocrine System & DNA
                Light & the Pineal
*Immortal Template
               The Soul Covenant
               Critical Mass
               Embody the Cosmic Order
               Sentient Sovereignty
*Alchemical Ceremony
               Resurrection of the Original Human Blueprint
               Cerebral Cortex-Temple of Remembrance
*Shamanic Forgiveness
               Embody the Living Mandala of Love
*Ceremony of Original Innocence
               Reconnection of the Basal 12 Circuits

Foundation is #1 of a 3 part series

Content: 2 CDs

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